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Haufe eAcademy combines the theory and practice of future-oriented new work skills in a digital learning environment.

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Our experts prepare knowledge and methods in an easy to understand way and provide relevant examples and insights in short videos and practical units

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From 0 to 100: You get immediate access to all elements of your course and can start with the topics that are most relevant to you

Direct application

Practical modules and a project of your own help you to apply what you have learnt directly. After the course, a personal mentor is available to you on request.

Demonstrate expertise

On completion of a course you will receive a certificate from the Haufe eAcademy which officially shows your newly acquired knowledge and skills.

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Big Data
Business Intelligence
Business Models
Change Management
Data Analytics
Design Sprint
Design Thinking
Home Office
Machine Learning
New Work
Organizational Development
Remote Leadership
Virtual Team
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Learning achievements of our clients

“The short but very informative videos make it easy for even an amateur like me, to understand the entire subject quickly and easily. It was also really helpful that the course started with simple definitions and explanations of necessary concepts.”

Kevin Kohnke

Design Thinking

"Kompakte kurze Einheiten, sehr gute Qualität der Videos, immer wieder kompakte Zusammenfassung der Inhalte und viele Praxisbeispiele."

Michaela Waltersam, A1 Telekom Austria AG


Niels Thürigen


"Due to short and concise digital nuggets, the learning success was much more tangible and easier to track topic-wise than on other elearning platforms! What was really striking was the possibility of creating a bridge to one’s own work experience and daily business during the course."

Olesja Reifschneider

Künstliche Intelligenz

"Mir hat besonders gut gefallen, dass es kurz und knackig und gut strukturiert ist. Jetzt liegt es an mir."

Marco Bleiker


"Kreative Umsetzung der Inhalte, abwechslungsreich, anschaulich."

Christina Rentmeister, Rheinische Post Mediengruppe


“The course really gave me an overview of the skills needed in the job market. I now know exactly what the next steps are in my journey from being a professional basketball player to the free market economy.”

Hannes Osterwalder

Future Work Skills

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Would you like to apply your new knowledge directly? Just bring your own project to your eAcademy course. After completion of the course, a personal mentor helps you, to achieve your objectives even faster.

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Congratulations! On completion of a course from the Haufe eAcademy you will receive a first-class certificate, to show your newly acquired skills.

In which area would you like to develop yourself further today?

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A strong team

The brains behind the Haufe eAcademy

With the Haufe eAcademy we focus on a holistic and individual learning experience – away from compulsory training and towards self-directed learning. As part of the Haufe Group, we benefit from decades of experience in the further education of qualified experts, and of those who want to become experts.

Daniel Dorn
Hannah Dannereder
Paulina Kern
Simone Welz
Maria Matthäus
Anna Höfer

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Frequently asked questions

Are the course contents permanently available to me?

Access to the Haufe eAcademy course is guarenteed for at least 12 months.

When will I receive the course certificate?

After successful completion of a course you will receive a certificate confirming the knowledge you have acquired about the course content. A completed course is one in which you have advanced your personal project and met all your set milestones. It is not necessary to have looked at all learning contents. If you opt for personal coaching, you will receive feedback from your coach on your certificate.

Which payment methods do you offer?

The courses can only be purchased by invoice. These are delivered by email after order confirmation.

Are your courses continuously updated?

Yes, we update all contents regularly. Thanks to our tight quality assurance, the eAcademy contents are always up-to-date.

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Haufe eAcademy courses are also available in an optimized setup for organizations of all sizes. With our services, you can get all your teams ready for the future at the same time.

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